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Please consider making a donation.

Thank you for supporting us and helping Ukrainian refugees and Polish families survive the war.

We make 10,000 sandwiches a day, 1000 liters of soups a week.

We make hundreds of bags of food, first aid and clothing every week.

We send three aid trucks a day in Poland and Ukraine.

Your gift will help us provide food, medical care, protective equipment, finding shelter and psychological & spiritual support to refugee families and those left to fight for their country and care for those who could not escape the invaders.

We need funds

  • to purchase food products: we collect and purchase food products and make meals out of them, which are then transported to Polish Cities, as well as to the border and to selected cities in Ukraine: Lviv, and if possible to Kiev or the eastern border.

  • to purchase medical and protective equipment

  • to purchase clothes, personal care products and school supplies for children

  • to arrange accommodation

  • to provide logistics (mainly buying gasoline and renting cars)

  • to provide care for children (including psychological and pastoral care)

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